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In today’s social-first landscape, there is a tremendous opportunity for brands to be:



consumer segments



with accountability to actual business results.

We want you to steal our brains.

Our goal with every engagement is to provide more value than you paid for, leaving you with a volume of strategic insights & knowledge, actionable solutions & market-ready ideas as well as a practical plan to make it real & sustainable.

Everything we do is tied back to these four main pillars:

PAC (Platforms & Culture)

Educate/upskill your team on what has your consumers’ attention and how you capture it.

Social at the Center

Brand is built on social, we can help make that less scary & more practical while making your brand more relevant to more people.

Underpriced Attention

The media landscape is changing constantly. We help your team become “day traders” of attention.

Holistic Commerce

We guide your team on modern commerce best practices while enhancing capabilities to optimize sales and brand performance.

How we can help you succeed.


Bring us your biggest business problems and we will take a look “under the hood” at what you are currently doing and provide a plethora of solutions/opportunities for your brand and business.

Sample deliverables:

  • Business Deep Dive
  • Robust audit
  • 3+ hr workshop
  • Access to all deck materials/recordings

Timing: 1-4 weeks

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State of the Union

An immersive live session designed to educate your leadership team on the reality of today’s consumer & what it means for your business

Media & Creative Transformation

Identify optimizations that balance your funnel and maximize revenue

Strategic Organic Social

Unpack how to leverage your social channels to drive relevance as the gateway for reach

A.C.E. Consumer

Unlocking unique relevance drivers for the brand through the lens of attention, culture, and empathy

Core Commerce Diagnostic

Uncover market opportunities and key digital performance optimizations for your business


Designed to help you attack your most important challenges & business opportunities with a modern lens that embraces the reality of today’s consumer. These products will help you build the marketers of tomorrow via highly customized and interactive sessions that will engage, inspire and incite action, while delivering a high volume of insights and ideas to get you started.

Sample deliverables:

  • Business Deep Dive
  • Audit/insights
  • 3-4 customized strategy/ideation workshops
  • Robust strategic playbook with operational guidance

Timing: 8-16 weeks

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The Vayner Social Playbook

Understand what has your consumers attention globally. Build the Playbook for your global organization. Rollout playbook to drive adoption.

Modern Comms Planning

Strategic, agile framework to plan your media, help your media team move at the speed of culture and action on underpriced attention opportunities.

ACE Brand Strategy

A modern approach to brand building that is designed to help build or refresh your brand house with social at the center.

Vayner’s Social (Re)Standup

Acting as an external consultant, we will observe and audit your org to provide a structural overview of operations and integrated ways of working.

Modern Commerce Playbook

Guide your team on modern commerce best practices while enhancing capabilities to optimize sales and brand performance.


We work as an extension of your in-house team and/or agency ecosystem to accelerate momentum across social, commerce, or executive social to grow your brand’s presence, drive relevance, and ultimately drive your business forward.

Sample deliverables:

  • Business Deep Dive
  • Audit + Cohorts
  • Strategic Playbook Development
  • Always-on insights & bi-weekly momentum collabs
  • Support for strategic experimentation & scaling
  • Measurement & reporting

Timing: 12-month retainers

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Social PAC

We engineer brand relevance and drive business through platforms and culture. This ongoing strategy product offers an in-depth PAC audit, bi-weekly PAC drops/ideas, breaking news, and ad hoc creative support, acting as an extension of your internal team to take advantage of opportunities and move at the speed of culture.

Media-Creative Transformation

We’ll help you modernize your marketing approach, overhauling media and creative output to produce max results in feeds and in screens. An integrated team of experts shepherds your brand into a new era of agility, speed, and consumer-centricity, creating a media framework for agility in culture and ongoing creative assets to power the new way of marketing.

Commerce Accelerator

This hands-on keyboard program leverages advanced analytics, market research, and consumer behavior insights to identify the most effective cohorts, creative strategies, messaging, and positioning to lay a solid foundation for a broader product launch, ensuring maximum market impact and return on investment.

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