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VM @ Super Bowl LVII

VaynerMedia is an unsuspecting leader among Super Bowl agencies, with 3 commercials in this year’s game and a total of 11 Super Bowl spots over the last 5 years.


As an agency rooted in cultural relevance coupled with an expertise in understanding consumer attention, we approach our Super Bowl campaigns from a very different angle.

As Gary puts it, “If the world would agree to finally stop making commercials and start making videos real humans would want to watch, there would be so much more value to brands and businesses and most importantly the humans watching them.”

Planets - The Roast of Mr. Peanut

PLANTERS Dry Roasted Peanuts brings back the comedy roast to television, taking aim at the legend made to be roasted, MR. PEANUT®. Roastmaster General Jeff Ross is joined by Natasha Leggero and a panel of comedians roasting the legendary legume, MR. PEANUT. 

Since the nuttiest wisecracks can’t be contained to 30 seconds, the brand will unleash a must-see, full-length comedy special “The Roast of MR. PEANUT®,” streaming on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 12, at Does the iconic peanut have what it takes or will he crack under pressure?

Pepsi - Great Acting, Great Taste.

Poking fun at the traditional transactional relationship between advertisers and celebrities, renowned actors, Steve Martin and Ben Stiller, star in two Pepsi Zero Sugar “Great Acting or Great Taste” commercials. 

Directed by cult favorite comedian of Lonely Island fame Jorma Taccone, the spots go “behind the scenes” onset with Ben and Steve as each act in classic movie scenes and break the fourth wall asking the viewer “is it real, or is it acting?”



Super Bowl Commercial Updates: A QR Code Blitz is Coming and Brands Get Married—Plus, What Exactly is the ROI of a Big Game Ad? 

“Marketers haven’t ruined QR codes yet. America is ready for them this year.”- Nick Miaritis

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How QR Codes Could Flood Super Bowl 2023 Marketing

“I bet half the spots this year have QR codes,”- Nick Miaritis

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Super Bowl Alert: Comedy Dominates And Affleck Stumps For Dunkin’—Plus, Revisiting A Snickers Classic

“big and diverse writing team” and “capturing multiple perspectives.” She added that “you don’t want…a singular point of view that is going to be excluding others.”

“You want to make people happy with your spot, you don’t want to hurt people,” she said. – Kat O’Brien

By: AdAge

Super Bowl And Web3—How Brands are Using the Metaverse and NFTs Despite Lack of Crypto Ads

“The majority of Web3 is still interesting for consumer brands… It has to be part of their whole strategy.” – Avery Akkineni 

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Super Bowl 57 Regional Ad Roundup: Budweiser, Dogfish Head, Oikos and More

“Even with Planters last year, we were not in the national broadcast, but we always get national exposure. Every year, when you do the math on this, you just buy the 14 biggest markets that matter based on Walmart sales,” – Nick Miaritis

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Can The Super Bowl Lure Advertisers Back To Twitter?

“It’s Twitter’s moment. It’s the one weekend where they are the platform that all the attention is shifting to,” – Nick Miaritis

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Elon Musk’s Twitter Pushes to Win Back Advertisers During Super Bowl Weekend

“It’s Twitter’s moment. It’s the one weekend where they are the platform that all the attention is shifting to,”- Nick Miaritis

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The 2023 Super Bowl Ads Will Feature Booze, Betting and Jesus

“Many marketers will try to use TikTok this year to either expand the reach of their Super Bowl campaigns or attract attention without paying $7 million for an actual commercial” – Nick Miaritis

By: Wall Street Journal