Developing the most effective IoT marketing solutions, including voice platforms, connected retail, and smart experiential.

Our Approach

VaynerSmart extends VaynerMedia’s full-service digital capabilities into the Internet of Things. We are a guide through the world of emerging technology, partnering with clients to understand, prioritize, and develop the most effective marketing solutions.

Fueled by a network of strategic partnerships with best-in-class technology providers, including being recognized by Amazon Alexa as an official agency & developer tool resource, we help clients capitalize on innovative opportunities. A few areas in which we can help include:


We understand that success in voice-first platforms requires not only the highest quality experience, but also the right promotional plan to ensure your audience discovers it. That’s why we have invested in building the full range of best-in-class voice capabilities.

End-to-end voice product services in-house means we are your partner at every step from VUI design and creative development, through rapid prototyping, development, and  deployment.

Discovery is a major challenge for voice platforms. Our world-class media team helps brands reach the right audiences via highly targeted campaigns that optimize for activation and re-engagement.

Our capabilities in design and management of both promotional media and voice experiences themselves uniquely positions VaynerMedia to measure and analyze performance, powering holistic program optimization.

From connected packaging to proximity-based retail programs, we help brands close the crucial final feet from shelf to register and make your most prominent asset – your product itself – a dynamic on-ramp to digital engagement and CRM.


We create smarter experiential marketing, optimizing for the millions we can engage through innovative live-social integrations rather than the hundreds who might physically pass by an event.

Through collaboration with our influencer media practice we make your experiential marketing more impactful, engaging bigger audiences with novel experiences and collecting highly-qualified data along the way.