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Chips Ahoy!

Exceeding upper funnel goals with Branded Effect, TopView, and Creator Partnerships


Engaging younger audiences to celebrate the happiest birthday with Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! is one of the most popular cookie brands in the world with their iconic cookies “packed with chocolate chips baked into every bite”. The brand helps consumers find their happy place and so for their 60th birthday they sought to generate buzz among younger English and French speaking Canadians, with their new permanent innovation – the Chips Ahoy! Confetti Cake Cookie. They wanted to kick off their birthday celebrations with a larger than life campaign by reaching Gen Z audiences where they were, on TikTok, and hoping to turn them into advocates for the brand.


Boosting awareness, engagement and festivity with a TikTok-first activation

Leaning into TikTok’s strong creator community, the brand was looking to resonate with their target customers by encouraging them to get in on the birthday fun, while still communicating their overall brand purpose in a meaningful way.

After aligning on strategy with the TikTok Client Solutions team, Chips Ahoy! moved forward with creator partnerships, leveraging the support of TikTok Marketing Partner TikTal for the perfect creator packages. They coupled this with a gamified Branded Effect with the support of TikTok Branded Effects Partner, Ignite XR, and created a unique effect that asked users to catch the confetti cookies, keeping them engaged and placing Chips Ahoy! top of mind.

For the creative, the brand worked with five Gen-Z TikTok creators known for their humour and positivity, including @snarkymarky@citron_rosee, and @owenconnlly to produce content specifically for the platform using the Branded Effect. The creators delivered the message in their own unique style, encouraging others to try the effect for themselves. Additionally, their video’s engagement was further boosted with TikTok’s Superlike Interactive Add-on. This custom activation was launched with the help of targeted ads on the platform, including TopView, to drive mass awareness, increase consideration and ensure their birthday festivities were amplified!


Increased TopView CTR vs. benchmark


Lift in TopView Engagement Rate vs. benchmark


Branded Effect Video Creations

Success worth tossing confetti for!

Chips Ahoy! truly sparked happiness with their custom activation that was rooted in engaging TikTok’s unique creator community. Leveraging TikTok’s unique ad solutions, the Branded Effect and TopView, were key to the campaign’s success. They were not only high-impact placements that allowed for greater participation, but coupled with the creator content, also encouraged Gen Z’ers to have fun and embrace the new Chips Ahoy! Confetti Cake Cookies as a must-have sweet snack.

During the 8 week flight, the campaign achieved remarkable success with an impressive +10.1% increased clickthrough rate and +9.2% higher engagement rates for their TopView vs. TikTok Canada benchmarks. Additionally, the Branded Effect exploded like confetti with over 34 million video views in Canada and delivering 1436+ video creations by different creators. These results exceeded TikTok Canada benchmarks by a whopping 129% and solidified the fact that Chips Ahoy! indeed brings happiness, just like finding a chocolate chip in your cookie!

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