We believe that incredible people can become the most powerful brands in the world.


VaynerTalent is a modern-day talent agency that builds businesses & brands for personalities with a focus on personal brand consulting, talent management and content creation services.

Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career. – GaryVee

Are you:

    • An established personality with a team looking to take your brand to the next level?
    • A professional athlete and you’re thinking about the next 20-30 years of your life?
    • An executive ready to make a real investment in building your personal brand?
    • At a pivotal moment in your career?
    • Rethinking how you communicate with the world?

VaynerTalent, a team consisting of a team of digital strategists, talent managers and content creators, is now offering a suite of consulting products to help you build the blueprint and team needed to succeed.