A one-stop shop for eCommerce business building and marketing across owned dot-coms and marketplaces.

Highlight:  “Hacking the Holidays” Podcast

Brought to you by VaynerMedia and Shopify Plus, this eCommerce-focused mini-series is rolling out just in time for the end-of-year shopping season, including Black Friday. As the brainchild of hosts Sabir Semerkant, the data-obsessed SVP of eCommerce at VaynerMedia, as well as Mac King, a growth hacking Partner Manager at Shopify Plus, “Hacking the Holidays” is driven by one simple goal: to help brands and entrepreneurs step up their eComm strategy. Each episode welcomes new guests from a broad landscape of industries, such as advertising, fashion, traffic and operations, to discuss online shopping as well innovative ways to hack platforms and practices for the best ROI. Listen now and stay tuned for fresh news, insights and perspectives that can help you gain a competitive edge this year or during any peak sales period.


EPISODE 1: Hacking the Holidays: Tips to Solidify Your eCommerce Strategy For Black Friday

EPISODE 2: Crushing It: Gary Vaynerchuk On Captivating an Audience With Underpriced Attention

EPISODE 3: Driving Traffic: Combining Organic and Paid Strategies to Test, Learn and Optimize

EPISODE 4: All About Amazon: Extending Your Brand Presence to Boost Credibility and Reach

EPISODE 5: Viral Marketing: How to Catch a Break on Social Media and Keep Up Your Momentum

EPISODE 6: Merchandising Operations: Maintaining Customer Satisfaction with Strategic Communication


Our Approach

Our department offers full-service, à la carte discovery, strategy, and implementation offerings for Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Business-to-Business (B2B) advertisers.

We are not an above-the-line agency that doesn’t understand the blocking and tackling needed to launch a sustainable business, nor a consultancy that’s solely obsessed with the bottom line and detached from the realities of the modern consumer. Our dual sets of knowledge complement each other to create informed, long-game strategies that focus on generating revenue and providing value to our clients’ consumers.

How we’re different:

  • Breadth and depth of expertise in digital and eCommerce consulting
  • Experience that spans categories such as CPG, Health & Beauty, Consumer Electronics, and more
  • To-the-minute knowledge of new technology in digital advertising and eCommerce
  • Collaborations with other forward thinking partners
  • Prioritization of both conversions and UX

Offerings include:

Deep exploration of a brand’s existing digital ecosystem including tech stack, operational readiness and revenue sources, design optimization, and customers. We generate projections to help our clients see the big picture, as well as the nuanced mile-markers of their eCommerce business with reports that cover media, product, financials, and customer lifecycle forecasts for 3 years.

Marketplace Optimization:
Consider us your go-to consultants for increasing visibility, conversions, and reviews on the marketplaces most important to your brand—from Amazon A+ pages to custom solutions for Target, Walmart, and beyond.

CRM Strategy & Implementation:
Customer Relationship Management has become increasingly important for generating ROI from the customer funnel. We have the strategic, creative, and analytical tools to help launch, grow, and nurture customers to increase their loyalty and action.

Revenue Strategy:
A detailed plan that spells out the appropriate mix of media channels to meet a brand’s revenue goals as well as the media expertise to implement it.

Direct to Consumer Site Builds and Infrastructure Development:
From identifying the appropriate selling platform to ensuring backend logistics are structured to support the business, we will create a direct to consumer site that’s optimized for conversion and primed to collect valuable data.

Affiliate Strategy & Management:
We evaluate a brand’s current presence and recommend enhancements, or set it up from scratch with the publisher networks that will create a new revenue stream for their business—all while optimizing along the way for growth.