A one-day immersion into digital marketing the VaynerMedia way. We give you the tools, you just need to execute!

We’ll arm you with all the tools. You just need to execute.

The 4Ds is a one day immersive digital consulting session with VaynerMedia’s top talent that includes a keynote from a top CEO, CMO or industry thought leader.  Part master-class and part workshop, the 4Ds will take you under the hood of VaynerMedia and give you access to the team and principles that make the Vayner engine run.

The Curriculum: Workshops will be tailored to the needs of individual groups and will have you leaving with all the practical marketing advice and tools to grow and scale your business. The day will be filled with speakers, industry news discussions, exercises, and conversations in all the areas in which we’re experts. Plus, you’ll get a behind the scenes introduction to Team GaryVee to learn how a personal brand is built in a 2017 world. All in all, sessions include a collection of deep dives into Paid Media, Influencer Media, Digital Strategy, Content Production, Personal Branding among more that fit the group’s needs.

The 4Ds Alumni Group: We are building a lasting community of Alumni while also creating connections with the Vayner team. As such, these summits are reserved to small groups of no more than 12 people to ensure an intimate environment which can also mold to the attendees and their respective goals.

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