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Bud’s Drive to Light Up Hockey Town, USA

After a successful launch in Canada, Budweiser had aspirations of building a strong US footprint for its budding Red Lights e-commerce program. In addition to developing the product education content required, VaynerMedia was tasked with updating the brand’s existing direct to consumer site to optimize for mobile (which was posing UX hurdles at checkout, creating a below average conversion rate.) The team’s goal was to prove that with the right strategy and media investment, this venture could thrive in the States, too.


  • Optimization of the direct to consumer site for both mobile and desktop, removing barriers to entry throughout the purchase process
  • The design and implementation of an effective email signup and email marketing program
  • A targeted digital media strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Google that drove traffic to the site


  • +21% units sold year over year
  • +9% revenue year over year
  • +500% CRM profiles added