Drive awareness and trial of STAINMASTER carpet care products nationally to establish the STAINMASTER brand as a top 3 brand in the category.

Georgia Pacific came to VaynerMedia looking for support in driving awareness and sales for its new line of STAINMASTER Carpet Stain Remover products.  Their ask was for VaynerMedia to develop a marketing program that drove home STAINMASTER’s benefits and broke through the clutter of a crowded category.

Starting with the STAINMASTER core benefit (cleaning stains while preventing future re-soiling from dirt), VaynerMedia developed three videos, each optimized for Facebook and each with its own distinct creative direction.

“The Stain”

“Chamber of Stains”

“Carpet Confessions”

To determine effectiveness of each video, VaynerMedia worked with Georgia Pacific to create a test/control measurement framework.  Each video was served to a mutually exclusive grouping of regions, allowing the team to measure relative performance against each other (and a hold-out control region that wasn’t served any media).

The Results

After 2 weeks, VaynerMedia was able to identify “The Stain” as the highest performer, driving sales at a higher level than the other two videos.  This sales lift held after VaynerMedia rolled “The Stain” out nationally, exceeding pre-campaign goals.