Maximize tune-in to the 2016 MLS Cup championship game across audience segments, with particular focus on multicultural millennials, while building affinity and awareness of MLS at-large.

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Major League Soccer came to VaynerMedia seeking creative and media solutions to help drive tune-in for MLS Cup. VaynerMedia employed a strategy leveraging video best practices, custom creative, and prioritizing both recency and frequency to remain top of mind to Major League Soccer’s key demographic targets as MLS Cup approached.


  • Achieve efficient scale, meaningful video consumption, and recency close to championship game kickoff
  • Develop highly contextual video, targeting to 100+ unique audiences based on affinity, region (timezone), language, and network (US vs. Canada)
  • Test video creative upfront to derive insights and then optimize assets based on performance


To evaluate performance, Facebook conducted a brand lift study, in conjunction with VaynerMedia ratings analysis, which concluded…

  • + 24pt lift in intent to tune-in (Nielsen Brand Lift Study)
  • +22pt lift in awareness of the MLS cup (Nielsen Brand Lift Study)
  • +177% increase in ratings (Ratings increase vs. 2015)

All-in-all, our efforts helped drive the highest ratings in MLS Cup championship history, while also performing in the 100th percentile on Facebook for brand lift studies.