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Bud’s Quest to Influence America’s Coolest City

Our insights team used social listening to uncover three popular points of discussion among the Denver market; outdoor/adventure, music and dogs. We briefed our influencers to create content laddering up to these three buckets while also incorporating the overarching America theme. I.e. What makes Denver uniquely cool and American?

Is it the mountains? The trails? Dog runs? Sports teams? Local music scene? The multitude of selfie-worthy backdrops?

Over the course of two months, we hired 50+ influencers (leaning into to micro-influencers) from the Denver area to produce hundreds of pieces of content, generating 30MM+ impressions and 700K+ engagements.

  • Brand health metrics moved up showing that the area reacted positively to the extra local boosts of influencers
  • Negative sentiment decreased and neutral sentiment rose – showing that people who liked Budweiser stayed that way while haters decreased