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Halls’ Data-Driven Method to Follow the Flu

Halls came to VaynerMedia with a challenge: find people who need cough drops before they realize their need.  VaynerMedia paired Facebook’s uniquely powerful targeting capabilities with a Center for Disease Control partnership to predict what regions of the US were most prone to sickness and ensure Halls content was being delivered where demand was likely to be highest.


To ensure that ads were only being shown to the most relevant potential Halls consumers, we used several targeting layers:

  • Layer 1: First, we developed targeting parameters for Unpublished Page posts on Facebook against a mix of interests and purchasing behavior.
  • Layer 2: We then pulsed geographical spends, predicting symptom spikes by analyzing the Center for Disease Control’s reported and projected illness levels for 9 regions in the US:
  • Layer 3: Geo-targeting changed accordingly to the weekly CDC Flu data due to severity of flu in that region. Paid spend was allocated to regions with highest percentage change in sickness levels

The Results

  • Efficiencies in CPC, CPM relative to benchmarks
  • Lifts in sales and household penetration