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GE’s “Experimental” Support of STEM Education

Since the days of Edison, science has kept GE at the forefront of industry. But for many, the brand conjures images of industrial equipment and light bulbs – not the principles that went inside them.

To inspire a future generation of PhDs and show that science is at its core, GE partnered with VaynerMedia to create Labracadabra – a ‘feed-first’ franchise dedicated to making science simple.

A cross-platform launch included everything from thumb-stopping videos to comprehensive material kits – giving families all they needed to create a lab at home.

[res_embed][/res_embed] To give Labracadabra a voice (literally), VaynerMedia developed an Amazon Alexa skill with interactive instructions for five unique experiments. Einstein-worthy banter takes budding scientists from preparation all the way through chemical reaction.

In a few weeks, hundreds of experiments were completed – and Alexa noticed. Shortly after, Labracadabra was featured as a trending skill. But even better, GE helped thousands of future scientists roll up their lab coat sleeves for the very first time.