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Conquering Allergies with XYZAL

XYZAL is an oral antihistamine allergy medication that transitioned from RX to OTC in March 2017. As part of the brand launch to consumers, XYZAL employed VaynerMedia to create a mobile-first web experience that provided allergy sufferers with resources to learn about the best remedies for their allergies, interact with a bold new voice in the allergy category, and find the quickest way to purchase XYZAL.

The allergy category is a crowded space with a largely similar competitive set in terms of products and messaging. This landscape provided VaynerMedia with an opportunity to create a category-disrupting digital experience for allergy sufferers.

Our holistic digital strategy included:
  • A mobile-optimized website that leveraged many of the concepts and content used on XYZAL’s social channels to build trust and engagement with interested consumers.
  • A personalized experience dependent upon the specific needs sufferers were encountering.
  • Ground up development of XYZAL’s social channels to target and engage interested allergy sufferers, utilizing CRM data captured to drive product sales subsequent to the product launch.

The website contributed to a successful brand launch:

    • 30,000 site visitors in the first month
    • 17% of site visitors driven by social media content
    • 13% of site visitors opted into XYZAL’s CRM