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360° Camera Seizes the (Black Fri)day

360fly approached VaynerMedia in early November, 2016, with the challenge of developing and implementing an eCommerce strategy on key online selling channels before the Black Friday shopping holiday just 2.5 weeks away. With lofty goals and limited execution time, VM eComm got to work implementing best practices on Amazon and the owned store, focusing on improving product discoverability, telling the brand story, and simplifying the path to purchase.


  • A comprehensive Amazon optimization of all product pages, which included enhanced content creation (copy and imagery) and merchandise consolidation to aid in search result ranking, cross-sell and up-sell
  • An audit of the experience for the 4K and HD product detail pages on desktop and mobile to identify missing content and determine the most intuitive UX for products at their price points
  • Application of these UX recommendations for the most critical site pages


  • +109% Amazon Units Sold
  • +350% Direct to Consumer Units Sold
  • +102% increase in purchase order size from Amazon