Case Studies :

Case Studies

We combine our hunger to drive business results with our deep understanding of consumer attention to make impactful shifts on your business, whatever that objective may be…


Harry Caray’s Last Call

Capitalize on a once-in-a-lifetime moment to celebrate a historic win in the most memorable way possible.


Angie Tribeca’s Marathon Binge

Make a major splash around a new brand positioning by getting fans on social media talking about TBS and its new series launch, Angie Tribeca.



Case Studies

Increase household penetration by leveraging real-time CDC data to “follow the flu”, targeting users in areas over-indexing in flu incidents with relevant Halls messaging.

General Electric

GE’s “Experimental” Support of STEM Education

Drive perception of GE as an innovative technology company through active support of STEM education.


Quaker’s Push for Buyers to Make Overnight Oats

Increase summer sales of Quaker Oatmeal by promoting preparation of Overnight Oats.


noosa’s Whimsical Approach to Fan Engagement

Engage an active fan-base while highlighting noosa’s unique product benefits in a creative fashion.


Bud’s Quest to Influence America’s Coolest City

Execute an influencer project in support of their national summer 2016 campaign in the Denver DMA to increase relevancy & purchase while featuring the America can.

20th Century Fox

Film’s Soaring Attempt to Connect with Movie-Goers

Generate awareness of soon-to-launch movie, Eddie the Eagle, and create a connection with movie-goers, specifically females aged 45+


Conquering Allergies with XYZAL

Creating an online experience for a brand new OTC allergy medicine product launching in markets nationwide.

International Champions Cup

ICC’s Discovery of True Soccer Heroes

Create an emotionally driven, soccer-focused video to highlight the love and devotion the game inspires.


Johnnie Walker’s Digital Mentorship

Introduce a new generation to Johnnie Walker whiskies by translating proven, educational experiences for new, interactive, conversational platforms.


360° Camera Seizes the (Black Fri)day

Turbocharge sales on Amazon & its dot-com for the holidays in tandem with its efforts to support 360° video cameras & accessories across other online channels.


Bud’s Drive to Light Up Hockey Town, USA

Budweiser sought to introduce and sell its “smart” hockey product in the US through increased media investment and a UX overhaul of its owned shop site.


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